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Parker Colorado's Premier Smoke and Vape Shop since 2011.

The Smoking Buddha Has You Covered.

The Smoking Buddha is a combination smoke shop and tattoo parlor with roots planted firmly in the Parker community. We welcome anyone interested in smoking and vaping accessories, whether you’re a veteran or trying it out for the first time.

Glass display cases and shelves containing glass bongs at Parker, CO smoke shop

Fully Stocked Smoke Shop and Tattoo Parlor.


Blown glass pipes are more than just a nifty device – they’re an opportunity to express your personality through beautiful design. Visit us for an assortment of glass pipes, including those produced by local craftsmen.

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More people are making the switch to vapes as a healthier way to satisfy nicotine cravings. At the Smoking Buddha, we offer a wide range of vaporizers, allowing you to find the device that lets you vape your way.

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While people may try vaping for health reasons, you’re likely to stay for the choices. Tasty e-juice options are endless options are endless, with more being introduced all the time. You may be wondering which one to try, but we have a better question: why only try one? At our shop, we never charge over $20 for e-liquid, so your dollars can stretch further.

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If you prefer the experience of a vaporizer or vape pen but want a little more punch, Vape Mods might be for you! Due to the increased power and volume of vapor that is produced in a hit. Although they are larger, heavier, and therefore not as discreet, they are still portable and can be used as an expression of personal style.

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