Pacha Mama

by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

About Pacha Mama eJuice

Charlie’s Chalk Dust, the makers of Pacha Mama nic salt and nicotine-free ejuice, was founded by former smokers who were on a mission. Determined to create a high-quality alternative to combustible cigarettes and other forms of nicotine, the Charlie's Chalk Dust founders worked tirelessly to create flavor-packed e-liquids. The result? Pacha Mama's celebrated ejuice line - featuring a variety of unique flavor combinations for a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Meticulous attention to even the smallest of details is what sets the Pacha Mama flavors apart from the others in the pack as a perfectly-balanced, richly flavorful vape juice option. All Pacha Mama salt nic flavors and nicotine-free ejuices are carefully crafted with quality American-made ingredients.

The Smoking Buddha proudly carries Pacha Mama nic salt flavors in every available strength - as well as Pacha Mama flavors containing zero nicotine. Learn more about the Pacha Mama products we stock below, or stop by our vape shop in Parker to find your perfect flavor companion.

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  • Blood Orange, Banana, Gooseberry
  • Strawberry Nectarine, Fuji Apple
  • Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Yuzo
  • Peach, Papaya, Coconut Cream
  • Huckleberry Pear, Acai Berry
  • Honeydew, Kiwi, Berry, Mint Leaf
  • Strawberry, Guava, Jackfruit
  • Mango, Pitaya, Pineapple


  • 0mg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg