The One

About The One eJuice

The One, crafted by Beard Vape Co, stands as a beacon of flavor innovation in the world of e-liquids. With a diverse range of nine delectable flavors, this brand caters to every palate. Apple Cinnamon entices with a harmonious blend of cereal, fruit, and pastry, while Blueberry tantalizes with ripe berries, cream, and frosted cereals. For strawberry enthusiasts, The One Strawberry delivers a symphony of frosted donuts, cereals, and cream. Lemon Crumble Cake offers a zesty twist, and Vanilla Custard Donut envelops you in warm, sweet comfort. The Marshmallow Milk flavor is a velvety delight, and Vanilla Bean whispers of indulgence. Whether you seek nicotine or prefer nicotine-free options, The One caters to all, with strengths of 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg. Packaged in convenient 100ml bottles, these e-liquids are your passport to flavor paradise.

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  • The One Blueberry
  • The One Cinnamon
  • The One Lemon
  • The One Marshmallow Milk
  • The One Strawberry
  • The One Vanilla Custard


  • 0mg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg