Parker's finest glass pipes, water pipes, and rigs.

Traditional, Hand Blown Quality Glass Pipes

For the traditionalist, a selection of high-quality and beautiful glass pipes can set one smoke and vape shop apart from the rest. By featuring local glass artists as well as well-known brands, the variety of unique items can provide a more exciting shopping experience. The individuality and artistry of glass combine with the full functionality of a traditional accessory, so many customers prefer to express their personal style and preferences in this way. Glass accessories can be confusing to some customers, so experienced staff can help you decide which shape, weight, and style is right for you.

Huge Selections of Local & Domestic Blown Glass

The Smoking Buddha carries a huge selection of glass made in America, with many pieces made in-state by Colorado glassblowers. We get new local glass shipments in frequently, so visit often to see the latest pieces from talented artists from around the area. In case you’re not sure which piece is best for you, the Smoking Buddha’s relaxed and knowledgeable staff can help you out!

The Smoking Buddha carries glass from these top-notch glass makers:

  • Ben Kappin
  • Cheech
  • Dalton Shade
  • Empire Glassworks
  • Erkels Glass
  • Friendly Fire
  • Illso Glass
  • Jackie Boy
  • Little Insignificant People
  • Logan Ryan
  • Lokee Glass
  • Mad Rob Glass

  • Mad Scientist Market
  • McFly Glass
  • Phane Pak
  • Soloman Glass
  • Space Ghost
  • Thriving Lotus
  • Trevor Hill
  • Trilogy
  • VIP Glass
  • W.F. Fisherman Glass
  • ...and more!

Two translucent glass bongs labelled 'Envy Glass Designs' with respective red and blue rims, text and mouthpieces

Envy Glass

Envy Glas is an American glass blowing company based out of Riverside, California. With the quality that is second to none, they have been leading the way with the hottest colors and designs in the industry.

Large white and black glass bong labelled "Lookah Glass"


Lookah provides hand blown quality with import prices. Lookah offers very cool, innovative designs that are thicker, heavier and nicer than a lot of glass priced comparably.

Blue and purple silicone beaker bong by Eyce brand in original packaging


Eyce is a Colorado based company that uses certified platinum cured silicone to give you the silicone that you deserve. Eyce products come with great accessories and the best warranty in the business.