Whether you are a casual smoker or spend considerable time smoking weed, you will know the dreaded cotton mouth well. Although cotton mouth is harmless and should not cause any worry, a parched mouth is not ideal for anybody.

Should I Be Concerned With Cotton Mouth?

There is no need to worry about cotton mouth. Sure, it might cause slight discomfort, but there are certainly ways to avoid cotton mouth or to reduce the symptoms. It is a simple side effect of ingesting THC and CBD. But, the team at Smoking Buddha, the Parker smoke shop you can trust, can certainly help with some recommendations.

What Is Cotton Mouth, Exactly?

Anybody that smokes cannabis through a bong, joint, or glass pipe will experience cotton mouth. When an individual encounters cotton mouth, there is a reduction in the salivary flow which is a common side effect of smoking cannabis. The reduction in saliva leaves your mouth dry, mimicking the feeling of cotton balls in the mouth. Hence the phrase, “cotton mouth”.

All methods of consuming weed can inflict cotton mouth. So, the best scenario is to attempt to prevent it or reduce the symptoms.

How to Avoid or Fix Cotton Mouth When Smoking Weed

Many people drop by our local smoke shop in Parker and ask how they can relieve the effects of cotton mouth. The answers remain the same whether you are a bong hitter, joint smoker, dabbing, or consuming edibles. Follow these tips to avoid a mouth dryer than the Sahara desert.

1. Stay Hydrated

Just like any other day, staying hydrated is important. However, if consuming cannabis, it is advisable to drink plenty of water beforehand. Once the cotton mouth has settled, it becomes a nuisance to shake off. After all, you want to enjoy your session. Drinking water beforehand will stand you in good stead. Post-smoke, you should make sure you take on plenty of water too.

2. Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t enjoy their favorite candy while having the munchies? This tip may not require much reminding, we know how it goes. Perhaps you have tried water and it didn’t work, or you have no water at your disposal. Look no further than consuming your favorite candy whilst suffering from a dry mouth.

Simply ingest some candy, whether you are at home, out and about, or watching a movie. Not only will this satisfy your munchies, but it can also be somewhat of a hero when fighting cotton mouth. There are even candies specifically designed to battle dry mouth from weed smoking. This is a simple yet tasty quick fix and hard candy is recommended by the Smoking Buddha team.

3. Stop Being a Mouth Breather

Controlling your breathing through your nose rather than your mouth could help significantly. Only breathing through your nose will prevent your mouth from drying up any further. If you hang around with your mouth open, this will allow the little moisture you have left to escape, and your case of cotton mouth will go from bad to worse.

Do not worry, if you have congestion in your nasal passage, simply try the other tips that we’ve shared here instead. Although breathing through your nose could help, we recommend other options more than this one if you are suffering from a nose blockage.

4. Use a Humidifier

If you feel that cotton mouth from consuming cannabis leaves you with a painful throat and becomes a constant problem, then a humidifier could ease this. As humidifiers maintain the moisture in the air, this will be a massive help in your battle to stave off the dreaded cotton mouth.

When the smoking session heads indoors, grab a humidifier to use throughout and whilst you go to sleep to maintain hydration in your mouth and throat. Use this tip in conjunction with others on this list for the best results.

5. Give Salty Snacks a Miss

Attempting this tip may prove difficult after a smoke session when you’ve got the munchies. Avoid giving in to temptation and those cravings for saltines, salty potato chips, french fries, and pretzels. We get it, who doesn’t crave these delicious foods?

Salty snacks are addictive and craved by most stoners. Picking up fruits of the juicy kind instead of salty snacks will provide moisture for the cotton mouth whilst also bursting with tropical flavors. We recommend giving it a go if you can.

6. Pass on Alcohol

An ice-cold beer can be incredibly refreshing but in this instance, it’s best to avoid alcohol. So, don’t go chugging brews if you want to avoid cotton mouth. It can be a temporary solution, but water is most advisable.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, owing to its diuretic side effects. When you have cotton mouth, the main objective is to rehydrate. Overall, it’s probably best to avoid drinking beers when smoking weed so you have a pleasant high whilst keeping hydrated.

Final Thoughts from Smoking Buddha

While cotton mouth is often a pain and causes slight discomfort in the mouth, there is nothing to panic about. Overall, cotton mouth is an inconvenience at most and rarely causes issues in smoking sessions. If you practice the previously mentioned tips, there is no doubt you can enjoy your herb and remain free of cotton mouth.

If you wish to stop by and ask questions about cotton mouth, or purchase any bongs, glass pipes, or further products then swing by. Our headshop can be found by searching “local smoke shop Parker” or “smoke shops near me in Parker”.