The decision to try vaping is not a noble or overwhelming one. It’s a simple one people make because they want to quit smoking, or because they’re just looking for a way to enhance the quality of their social life. Vaping has gained traction in the public consciousness largely because vaporizers provide an alternative to cigarettes that eliminate the poisons found in cigarette smoke.

If there are downsides to vaping, one of the most obvious is that trying to determine which is the right vaping device to start with can be a bit confusing, given how many different devices are on the market these days. In the interest of clarifying things for our friends in Parker, we have put together the following list of tips that should help you make an informed decision about your first vaping device.

Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Vape And Ejuice

1: Consider Your Level of Familiarity

Some new vapers know quite a bit about the subject, having researched it extensively before deciding to take the plunge. Others, however, wander into our shop and make a beeline for the vaporizer mods without having a clue what they are or how they work. If you don’t know much or anything about vapes stop at the counter and tell the sales associate you’re new to the practice. He or she will help you select a device that will enable you to ease your way into the world of vaping.

2: Be Clear On Why You Want To Vape

Some people are hoping vaping will help them quit smoking (and it will). Others just want to be rid of the clouds of toxic smoke produced by cigarettes. Other people want to start vaping because their friends are doing it and they want to fit in at parties and such. And still other people are looking for a way to treat the pain and discomfort associated with various medical conditions and treatments. The reason why you want to vape will go a long way toward determining which device is right for you.

3: Find a Device That Dovetails With Your Life

If you’re a busy person who’s on the go all the time a big bulky group mod is not going to fit with who you are. This is especially true if you’re just starting out. You’ll want something compact and effective that will travel easy and is easy to conceal. Of course, if you take to vaping you always have the option of purchasing a larger device later that you can keep around the house for those times when you’re relaxing with friends.

4: Don’t Overlook Your Battery Options

Vaporizers and vape mods are electronic devices that are powered either by disposable or rechargeable batteries. Beginners should not overlook their battery options because they can make a difference in the quality of your experience. If you have to change batteries all the time, that’s a pain. If you have to remove the battery to charge it in a separate device, that too is a pain. We would recommend your first vaping device has a built-in rechargeable battery. That way battery and device do not get separated and you eliminate the chance the battery might get lost.

5: Make Sure Its Budget-Friendly

That’s budget-friendly, not cheap. If you go too low-ball on the price you’re bound to wind up with an inferior device that will break down on you and leave a bad taste in your mouth about vaping in general. The best way to control costs while obtaining a quality device is to steer toward the simpler vapes to begin with. At The Smoking Buddha, we offer a variety of high-quality, inexpensive vapes that are perfect for beginners.

The Different Kinds of Vaping Devices

So you search for “vape shop near me”, get directions to The Smoking Buddha and enter the shop. You walk up to the counter and confidently ask to see “mods”. The salesperson then asks if you want to see a box, pod, tube or mech mod, to which you reply “never mind” and walk out. In order to help you avoid such a situation let’s go through the different types of vaping devices.

  • E-cigs: E-cigs, or e-cigarettes, were the original vaping devices designed to help people quit smoking. They are very slim and some are designed to look exactly like a real cigarette. If you don’t want to bring the hysterical foot soldiers of the anti-smoking cabal down upon you, be careful where you use e-cigs.
    • Vape pens: These devices are similar to e-cigarettes but are generally a little more stout and are activated by pressing a button. Vape pens are portable and the typical vape pen is also refillable.
    • Box mod: In this case, “box” refers to the boxlike shape of the device, and “mod” refers to the user’s ability to modify it in various ways. Because of this ability, the box mod is the most popular type of vape device.
    • Pod mod: “Pod” refers to the cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquids and inserted into this portable device to be enjoyed. The pod mod is typically sleeker than the box mod and favored for its easy portability.

    Get In Touch With The Smoking Buddha

    If you have decided you want to investigate vaping, the team at The Smoking Buddha stands ready to help you make the right selection for your first vaping device. Stop by our vape shop in Parker, or call us at (303) 840-4388 to learn more.