People disagree about who first brought the bong to widespread notice and acceptance. But what no one can disagree on is that the glass bong has been a staple of American life now for more than half a century. What started in the 1960s as a symbol of rebellion has become, dare we say, mainstream (!) here in the 2020s. But as the popularity of bongs spread hither and yon, and as more and more manufacturers realized there was gold in those big, bold hits, the traditional glass bong has had to make room on the Parker headshop shelf for those fashioned from other materials.

In this post, the team at the Smoking Buddha smoke shop in Parker makes their case as to why glass bongs still rule, despite the obvious and undeniable attributes of other bongs.

The Case for the Glass Bong

These days bongs are available in an incredible variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Custom bongs are pushing the design envelope to the point that they are considered works of art and are being offered for sale at auction houses. But is a bong fashioned from acrylic, ceramic, or silicone equal to a bong fashioned from glass? Certainly from a performance standpoint, they will all enable you to enjoy every last terpene in your expensive weed. But is that all there is to the cannabis experience? We would argue not.

Here are five reasons why we believe that, despite the fact that most contemporary bongs provide reliable service (regardless of what they’re fashioned from), glass bongs still rule the roost.

1) They’re Just Better Looking

We’ll acknowledge that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But you know those bongs we referred to earlier that are hitting the auction block? Every last one of them is fashioned from glass. Glass provides the artisan with a degree of expressive potential that simply isn’t possible with ceramic, acrylic, or silicone. And the human eye is not blind to the difference. Even if people don’t know how the glassblower achieved their stunning effects, they can appreciate them instinctively. If you really want to impress people at your next party, whip out one of today’s unbelievable custom glass bongs and watch their jaws drop.

2) Glass is Environmentally Friendly

Acrylic and silicone can take several thousand years to break down. Most people don’t think about it but if their acrylic bong isn’t disposed of properly it could wind up in a Parker landfill or as part of an oceanic garbage patch for a few centuries before being swallowed by a whale. To be sure, glass doesn’t break down immediately either. But a glass bong can be entirely recycled or simply melted down by another artisan and turned into some other object. Perhaps most importantly; glass is made from sand while plastics are derived from fossil fuels.

3) Glass Bongs Stay Cooler

Any insulation professional will tell you that acrylic retains heat much better than glass. That’s good news if you’re trying to keep your house warm and cut your energy bills. But not so good news when it comes to enjoying your bong. One of the primary purposes of the bong is to turn hot, bitter smoke into something cooler and smoother. If the bong is retaining heat from the combustion process it’s going to negatively affect your experience. Stick with glass bongs for a cooler smoke.

4) Glass Bongs Are Real

In a world where real things made of natural materials are becoming harder and harder to find, a glass bong stands as a testament to craft and tradition. One of the primary selling points of silicone and acrylic bongs is that they look like glass. But why settle for something that looks like glass when you can have the real thing? Don’t get us wrong here. Acrylic and silicone bongs are highly functional and durable and many are quite attractive. But when faced with a choice between something real and something designed to look real those of us at ye olde smoke shop will take the real thing every time.

5) Glass Bongs Produce a Better Tasting Hit

Plastic pipes, no matter how expensive, add their own distinctive flavor and aroma to the smoking experience. The effect is subtle, we’ll grant you that. And there are some folks who will never be able to tell the difference. There are also plenty of folks who simply don’t care as long as the bong delivers the buzz they’re after. And that’s fine. More power to them. But to experienced cannabis aficionados such subtle changes can make an important difference that spoils the experience for them. These folks crave clean, unadulterated hits that express only the characteristics of the herb they are smoking. And they get that from a nice clean glass bong.

Get the Glass Bong of Your Dreams at Our Parker Smoke Shop

The cannabis experience has long been one that involves all the senses. That’s part of what makes it so attractive. High-quality glass bongs deliver the unsullied experience you want while looking great and embracing an environmentally friendly design ethos. For all those reasons and more, we believe the glass bong rules and will for the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking for a glass bong you can wrap your head around stop by the Smoking Buddha in Parker. We’re easy to find, just search for “smoke shops near me” or better yet call us at one (888) 316-4572. We’ll be happy to give you directions.