You’re at that point where your vape is starting to act up. The performance is starting to decrease and you are not sure if you should buy a new one or investigate the problem further. After all, you don’t want to buy a new vape, you want to keep the one you currently have. Vapes are products that need constant care and they can shut down because of the coil.

Why Check and Change the Coil Before Chucking Your Vape?

Often, several signs indicate the coil may need changing. Irregular sounds when you hit the vape are among these. Recognizing these signs is crucial for maximizing your experience with your vape. Here are four signs why you need to replace your vape coil from the team at Smoking Buddha vape shop in Parker.

1. Gurgling Noises

If you are enjoying your vape and you hear a gurgling sound, this is a bad sign. One thing everybody should understand is that vapes should not gurgle. So, changing the coil in your vape may be the best solution to stopping this issue. Sometimes, gurgling sounds can also mean you need to recharge your vape. But, in most cases, a sensible option is to replace the coil because it is aging and could damage your vape further and render it useless very quickly.

2. A Burning Taste

Often, a burnt taste is a telltale sign that the vape coil needs to be changed. In fact, it is the most common sign to replace the coil that you will come across. Usually, when you hit your vape you expect the flavor you purchased from the smoke shop. An unwelcome and unexpected burning sensation or flavor, with a harsh taste, means the coil is not working as it should.

A burnt coil can end up producing toxic chemicals that are unsafe for you to consume, and our Parker smoke shop recommends that you change the coil out for a new one in this situation.

3. Lack of E-juice Flavoring

Sometimes, an overused coil leads to a reduction in the intensity of the flavoring of your vape. If your favorite mango-flavored vape begins to taste weak or different, the coil may need changing. Sure, it could just be that you bought bad liquid. But, if you buy from a trusted smoke shop, this will rarely be the case. Look at the coil before blaming the quality of the E-juice as this is far more common.

When you purchase vape liquid, you should expect your selected flavor of e-juice to last from the first hit down to the final one. Usually, a weakened flavor of the vape whilst having E-juice left means the coil is dying.

4. A Low Vapor Release

The amount of vapor produced correlates with the life of the coil. Over time, it gradually decreases. Towards the end of the coil’s lifespan, the output of vapor will be far lower than when you first purchased the vape. If you cannot produce a large cloud of vape, it is a clear sign that your coil is old and needs replacing. It is no major issue if the vapor production reduces, but you may wish to replace your coil before it completely runs out.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why you should keep an eye on your vape coil. Whether it is the age of the coil, it has burnt out, or is producing strange noises, you may need to change your vape coil. It is a great habit to get into to replace your coils regularly to avoid any of the issues mentioned above and fully enjoy your vaping experience.

Much like a flower, vapes need maintenance and care. Many folks replace their vape coils routinely to preserve the quality of the vape they purchased. If you need new vapes, vape coils, or E-juice, stop by the Smoking Buddha smoke shop in Parker, Colorado where we can solve all your vaping wants and issues. The store can easily be located if you just search “vape shops near me”.