Updated on July 22nd 2023

Over the past decade, vaping has gained widespread popularity, although it is still struggling with the whole acceptance thing. Exactly why that is can be debated, but it might have to do with the fact that certain vaping devices can make it look like the person is smoking a cigarette, at least from a distance. And we all know how popular smoking in public is these days.

That said, the increasing popularity of vaping raises the question of whether vapers actually know what they’re getting into when they purchase their first pod mod from the vape shop. So here are ten things about vaping you may not know and that may surprise you.

Everything has its upside and downside and the more you know about something the better off you generally are. With that in mind here are ten facts about vaping our friends in Parker may not be aware of.

1: Vaping As We Know It Today Originated In China

Like spaghetti, the origins of modern vaping can be traced to mainland China where the first vaping devices hit the market in 2005. Within a few months, the practice had spread throughout Asia and the following year made its way to Western countries, including the US.

2: Those First Chinese Vaping Devices Were Known As “Ruyan”

The first vaping devices were intended to help people quit smoking and were known as “ruyan” in China. That roughly translates to “same as smoke” or “like smoke”. They closely resembled vaping devices you can buy today in our vape shop in Parker and allowed a person to satisfy their nicotine craving without inhaling all the garbage tobacco companies add to tobacco.

3: Low-Quality Vaping Devices Can Leak

There are a lot of different vaping devices on the market today. Many are top-notch. Some are crap. If you purchase one of the latter you might end up with one that has a poorly sealed tank that leaks. In addition, certain vapes are designed to handle specific types of concentrates and may leak if you use the wrong kind. So always read the fine print that comes with your device.

4: Today You Have Thousands of E-Liquid Flavors to Choose From

Apple Krisp, New England Cheesecake, Hawaiian Pog and more are all popular e-liquid flavors. But your choices are hardly limited to them. In fact, by one estimate there are more than 7,000 flavors of e-liquid on the market today,

5: The Long-Term Health Ramifications Are Not Yet Clearly Understood

Let’s be clear: the FDA would not have approved vapes for the US market if they had an issue with them. Still, the fact remains that there have been no large-scale, long-term cohort studies conducted to track the effects of vaping on individuals over time. And some of the chemicals used in e-liquids seem iffy at best. That includes benzaldehyde, which is known to irritate human airways, and trans-cinnamaldehyde which some researchers suspect may suppress the immune system.

6: Vaping May Only Prolong Nicotine Addiction

People first started using vapes to bust their cigarette habit. Vaping gave them a way to satisfy their nicotine cravings without having to inhale toxic smoke. But a funny thing happened on the way to their cigarette-free life: they wound up intensifying their nicotine addiction by upping the amount of nicotine in their vape juice. If you really want to quit smoking, don’t play games with nicotine levels.

7: Dripping eJuice Can Be Risky

Dripping is an alternative type of vaping where e-liquid is dripped directly onto the atomizer rather than being stored in a tank. The goal is to produce an intense, high concentration vapor for whatever reason the user wishes to inhale an intense, high concentration vapor. The practice is not without health risks, however. Primary among them is the likelihood of inhaling abnormally high concentrations of formaldehyde.

8: Yes, You Can Chase Vape Clouds

Cloud chasers make up a relatively small segment of the vaping community, but they’re passionate about their pursuit. Cloud chasing is a popular topic of conversation at our smoke shop/vape shop, with chasers sharing tips and tricks about how they are able to produce huge clouds of vapor by tweaking their gear.

9: Big Tobacco Has Arrived

While vaping started out as a way for people to wean themselves off of big tobacco’s death sticks their increasing popularity invariably caught the attention of those same big tobacco players. Today, they control a sizable portion of the e-cigarette market. Not a lot of vapers are cool with this intrusion by tobacco giants into a vape world originally created to free people of their influence.

10: Beware “Vape Tongue”

While it has not been scientifically verified there are numerous accounts of people who swear they’ve lost the ability to taste their favorite flavor of e-liquid simply because they vape it too much. Others say the taste they crave eventually gets replaced by a foul one. The good news is that in most instances, people report the return of their tastebuds after taking a break from vaping for a week or two.

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