Picture it. It’s late at night and something goes wrong with your mod. Vaporizer mods are notorious for being finicky and unpredictable.

So you Google vape shop near me in Parker. But everything is closed!

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of vaping and for something to go awry with no one to save you. Whether you’re on a trip or all the stores are closed, it’s important to have your essentials on hand in the case of an emergency.

Plus, what if something goes wrong with one of your friends’ vaporizers? Of course, you want to come to the rescue.

Vaping is a lifeline for lots of people because they use it to quit smoking. If something goes wrong with your vaporizer and you aren’t prepared, you may be tempted to reach for a cig. It would really suck to end up smoking again just because you weren’t prepared.

Let’s go through this list of 3 vape essentials you always need on hand so you’ll never be unprepared again!

Extra ejuice

For all intents and purposes, having extra e-liquid on hand is the most important essential to have. Your vape can’t do anything without its juice! Running out of e-liquid will put your session to a hard halt, and if you can’t find a vape shop or it’s late at night, you’ll be out of luck without extra juice on hand.

When you stock up, you likely already buy lots of extra vape juice bottles. But if you’re the typical vaper, you likely buy bottles of what you know you love. But the flaw is that you probably don’t notice that you need more until it’s too late if you’re only using one flavor.

Imagine you’re using your last bottle and the nozzle ceremoniously pops off while you’re refilling your tank. Now there’s a big mess and you’re out of juice. But imagine if you never had a last bottle because you kept a reserve? Then you wouldn’t have an issue.

A good recommendation is to have at least one juice that you’re happy with, but wouldn’t usually use. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to be back up in case you happen to spill your last bottle or don’t stock back up in time.

And don’t forget to restock your reserve!

Extra USB Cables

If you try hooking your device up to your computer and it doesn’t charge, the problem might not be with your vape or with your charging port. It might be the cable.

Some people love buying new electronics, in which case you probably already have lots of extra USB cables lying around. But make sure you have one that is compatible with your vape!

Pretty much everyone has a laptop that has a USB input, which is why USB is the typical way to charge vapes. But one big problem with USB charging is that the cords tend to be pretty low quality. This is because USB cables were originally supposed to just connect two things- like a keyboard or printer to a computer- and stay in one place.

But when you’re charging a vape, you keep connecting and disconnecting it. That slowly causes damage to your cable, which will eventually lead to your device not charging.

Don’t wait for the day that your cable dies to get an extra one! Having one handy will save the day at some point.

Spare Batteries or Kit

Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries eventually reach a point where they can’t really hold a charge anymore. At that point, you either need to stay plugged in all day or replace the battery. And your vape uses a lithium-ion battery.

One of two things will happen:

  • The battery seems like it’s charging, but the cycle never finishes
  • The vape appears fully charged, but when you try to vape you get an error message

If either of these things happens, it means your battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore. If you have a removable battery, recycle and replace it. If the battery is permanent, you’ll need to replace everything.

Either way, you’re in trouble if you’re all on your own and unprepared.

But it doesn’t have to be a big deal! If your device has a removable battery, make sure you always have a spare with you. A good trick is to rotate the batteries so you can charge one while you use the other. This will extend the longevity of both batteries and you’ll always have a backup.

If your vape has a battery that’s built-in, then you’ll have to get a whole second mod to have in storage. Kits are pretty affordable these days so it probably won’t be an issue, even if your backup isn’t your favorite kit of all time. As long as you don’t have to unexpectedly stop vaping, something is better than nothing!

Final Thoughts

It’s important to be ready for something to go wrong with your vape. Because something will. It’s just the nature of vapes.

But it’s not hard to be prepared. There are really only three main essentials that you need. As long as you have extra ejuice, extra USB cables, and spare batteries or a spare kit, you should be good to go.

If you’re using vaping to quit smoking, it’s extra important to be prepared so you don’t fall back into a bad habit just because your vape broke.