When compared to using a bong, vaping dry herbs is a relatively new pursuit. Because of that there are still some things about the practice many stoners are not up to speed with. Including the right temperature to vape at and why it matters. To some traditionalists, the idea of regulating temperatures seems needlessly complicated, but it’s a lot less complicated than it seems. And once you find your sweet spot you shouldn’t have to keep making adjustments. In this post, the staff here at the Smoking Buddha vape shop in Parker look at the issue of vaping temperatures.

Common Vaping Temperatures and Why They Matter

Indeed, it will probably take a few tries to find your vaping temperature sweet spot but it’s not like you’re going to waste a ton of weed trying to figure it out. Each of the following settings will still produce psychotropic effects, it’s just a matter of degrees, as well as what other aspects of the weed experience matter to you.

So with that said, let’s look at some common vaping temperatures and what you can expect from them.

320 – 355 F (160 – 179 C)

If you love the flavor of quality weed the staff here at the vape shop recommend this setting. Setting your vape to this temperature range will also make things easier on your throat and you’re not likely to get a cotton mouth at these temperatures. The only downside, if you can call it that, is that the resulting buzz will be fairly mellow.

356 – 391 F (180 – 199 C)

This temperature setting is going to produce a more intense buzz, but not so much that you’ll open windows into other dimensions. Some have equated the buzz from this temperature range to that of a standard bong and we wouldn’t disagree. The “downside” here is that you’re going to lose some of that yummy flavor and any aroma emanating from your vape will be pretty mild.

392 – 446 F (200 – 230 C)

Here at the smoke shop, we call this setting the “highway to the danger zone”, not because we love tacky 80’s music but because when you crank your vape up to these temps you are jettisoning everything about the weed experience in favor of a hypersonic buzz. We don’t recommend vaping at this temp during your lunch hour, not if you want to get anything done in the afternoon.

Controlling the Temperature of Your Vape

The specifics of temperature control will depend on the vaporizer you have. Temperature control used to be a costly feature on vapes. But these days most dry herb vaporizers you’ll find in Parker come with a temperature control mechanism as a standard feature. As a result, it’s easy to adjust the temperature to your desired setting.

Once the vape achieves the temperature you’ve chosen it will dial back the heat, applying just enough to keep it in that range. That said, if you have an older vaporizer it may only offer voltage or wattage control, which makes it quite a bit trickier to find just the right setting for your taste.

Other Considerations Related to Temperature Control

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind when it comes to temperature settings on your vaporizer.

For one thing, lower temperatures may leave some of the cannabinoids in your weed untapped. So if you enjoy vaping at low temps to get a mild buzz while basking in the flavor and aroma don’t throw the weed out when you’re done. Instead, hold onto it and use it to make brownies to serve at your next party.

Also, keep in mind that the strain of weed will likely have some impact on the effects produced by different temperature settings. Not a lot, mind you. But it may be enough to notice. If it bothers you just tweak the settings a bit keeping in mind that higher temps typically equal a more intense buzz, while lower temps bring out other characteristics of the weed.

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