Updated on July 22nd 2023

Most vape juice flavors are meant to be enjoyed yearround, but when the hot summer months begin, you may want to try a refreshing new flavor to cool down your senses. If you haven’t tried one of the most popular e-juice flavors for summer, it’s time to give one of these top five summer vape juice flavors a chance. Whether you love a cool icy menthol kick or a sweet fruit sensation, one of these options will be the perfect tantalizing flavor for summer fun.

1. Pink Punch Lemonade by Twist

When you think of summertime and the fun you had as a kid, memories of running around with your cousins and drinking grandma’s lemonade might come to mind. Pink Punch Lemonade by Twist evokes that feeling of a warm summer breeze and a fresh glass of lemonade on grandma’s porch. Your tongue may tingle with the tart, citrus flavor of freshly squeezed lemons mixed with the juicy red berries.

2. No. 32 – Cinnamon Funnel Cake by Beard

No fair or street festival is complete without a delicious funnel cake from a vendor, and No. 32 by Beard lets you taste the flavor of a funnel cake without the calories of the real thing. Remember the delight of watching your funnel cake get made in front of you and the fun of breaking the pieces apart with your friends. From the first tingle of cinnamon to the swirling sweetness of the cake, this e-juice will take you on a ride reminiscent of a Ferris wheel.

3. Cucumber Cooler by Candy King

After a hot summer day, there’s nothing more refreshing than a splash of cool cucumber water. Like a tall glass of iced-down water infused with a blend of cucumber, watermelon, and lime, Cucumber Cooler adds a rush of cool and refreshing sensation to your palate. Every breath evokes the feeling of sitting on a porch on a hot summer day with a nice refreshing beverage to cool you down.

4. Pandora by Flavor Monster

Family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without delicious desserts to pass around. Pandora by Flavor Monster causes a rush of your best family dessert memories with its perfectly balanced key lime pie and graham cracker crust flavoring. The surprising accuracy of this choice will leave you wanting to share stories around a kitchen table. Let the taste of your favorite pie take you home when you try what may become one of your new favorite vape juice flavors.

5. Mist – by Aqua

Nothing says summertime like crisp, fresh fruit picked straight from the tree. Mist by Aqua combines the tart of green apple with the sweetness of peach and kiwi flavors. Like many of Candy King’s vape juices, Mist is available in a traditional option or as Mist Ice with a touch of added menthol. A kick of menthol can be refreshing all year long but is particularly bold in the summer when it brings out the fruity flavors in this enticing choice. Evoke the feeling of biting into a fresh, tart green apple picked straight from the orchard.

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Whether you are looking for a sweet dessert-like flavor to kick off summer or you want to cool down with a kick of iced menthol, there is an e-juice perfect for your cravings. Smoking Buddha has the most popular e-juice flavors for summer plus a variety of other choices to suit your tastes. Come in or contact Smoking Buddha today to get some advice on the perfect every day or special occasion vape juice that’s right for you.

Updated on July 22nd 2023

Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Naked is one of the most influential vape juice manufacturers in the United States. The brand has put out numerous profiles over the years. There is something for every personal preference. Whether you enjoy a smoother profile or something a bit fruitier, you will not be disappointed. Here are some of the most popular Naked E-juice flavors available for sale today. You may just find your new favorite flavor.

Lava Flow

When you want to send your taste buds on a tropical vacation, you cannot go wrong with the Lava Flow E-juice. From the very first puff, it will ignite your senses. It contains a rich assortment of tangy pineapples, creamy coconuts, and delicious strawberries. It will feel as though you are vaping the perfect fruit smoothie. Your mouth will water in anticipation when you start using this vape juice.

Amazing Mango

If you prefer mangos, then you need to put Amazing Mango in your vape pen. It is one of the most mouthwatering flavors you can get. It lives up to its name by being a perfect mango flavor that is accentuated with peaches and sweet cream. It is a simple profile, but it gets the job done. It is a great E-juice to use during the summertime when you want a big plate of fruit by your side all the time.

All Melon

One of the most sought-after Naked E-juice flavors is All Melon. You can enjoy the perfect trinity of melon flavors in a single bottle. You can taste delicious flavors of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew all in one. It produces large clouds of vapor so that you can enjoy the scent for even longer. You get the ultimate satisfaction with each puff.

Hawaiian POG

You may not be able to go on a Hawaiian vacation, but you can feel as though you have a lei around your neck with Hawaiian POG. You get a delightful flavor with each puff. You can enjoy exotic guava, ripe orange, and delicious passion fruit all in one container. Whether you are hanging out in your living room or you are poolside, you get total relaxation with each drag. You can also try Hawaiian POG Ice if you want the addition of ice among the same flavors. It is the perfect way to cool down after a hot day.

Green Blast

Vape users looking for an unusual but excellent combination of scents need to try Green Blast. This E-juice combines the profiles of honeydew, kiwi, and apple. You have never had a vape juice like this one before, and it is the scent of your dreams. It is reminiscent of Jolly Rancher apple. It is a refreshingly original vape juice that you can only get from Naked.

Very Cool

Anyone looking to take a stroll on the wild side needs to get Very Cool E-juice. It comes from an exclusive vape juice line containing menthol. It also has an exotic combination of raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry. It will feel as though you are on a camping trip with each puff. All of the berry profiles are coated with the coolness of menthol for a refreshing sensation. It produces a nice, relaxing throat hit, so you do not have to worry about a lot of coughing afterward.

Brain Freeze

Naked has a successful line of fruity flavors, and Brain Freeze is just the latest addition in a long tradition of success. This vape juice also contains menthol to refresh your mouth and throat. It is exceptionally juicy with a mixture of ruby red pomegranates, kiwi, and strawberry. Once you are done, it will feel as though you just drank a delicious margarita. It is a well-balanced E-juice that will leave you wanting more.

Sour Sweet

Sour and sweet are two flavors you would not think would go well together. Fortunately, they blend perfectly in the Sour Sweet vape juice. One puff tastes like you just enjoyed your favorite lemon-lime jelly candies. It is incredibly layered, and it has an excellent sugary sensation, too. You get to enjoy all the flavor of your favorite candy without ingesting all of the calories.

Yummy Gum

Instead of chewing gum that loses its flavors after one minute, you can enjoy the same great taste with Yummy Gum E-juice. This vape juice was created using natural ingredients. It is an artisanal flavor that is unparalleled in its flavor profile. It will feel as though you are chewing strawberry bubblegum with every inhalation. It is an intoxicating flavor, and you will not have to worry about where to spit out your gum afterward.

Berry Belts

Strawberry and blackberry go together perfectly in Berry Belts. One puff will instantly have you coming back for more. It produces a tremendous citrusy sensation. It is not unusual for users to go through three or four bottles of this flavor a month. It is bound to become a signature part of your collection once you try it out.

Naked Unicorn

Naked Unicorn is one of the brand’s most signature flavors. It combines fruits with cream for a thrilling experience. It produces a clean flavor using natural ingredients. You will feel as though you have just eaten dessert when you get a taste of the rich combination of strawberries with cream. It will excite your taste buds like few vape juices are able to do.

Go Nanas

It is not every day you find a vape juice that incorporates the flavor of bananas into its profile. However, that is precisely what Go Nanas has done. It offers the pure flavor of bananas with nothing else getting in the way. You should not have to monkey around when it comes to finding the perfect E-juice. If you enjoy eating a banana every morning, then this product could be perfect for you.

Azul Berries

When you want to produce a seductive cloud of vapor, you need Azul Berries. Its primary flavor is blueberry. When you go deeper, you will also notice subtle hints of raspberry to give it some kick. Finally, there is some creaminess in there to make it feel like a dessert.

American Patriots

A lot of people vape so that they can quit cigarettes. When you still want the smooth flavor of tobacco in your mouth, you need to reach for American Patriots vape juice. It is bound to quench any cravings you have, and it is a great tool to have when you try to quit cold turkey. Upon every exhale, you experience the rich flavor of caramel bourbon. It is a full-bodied vape juice you will never want to run out of.

Maui Sun

You get a bunch of tropical flavors wrapped into one with Maui Sun. You will feel like you are basking in the rich island sun with the aromas of mandarins, oranges, and pineapples surrounding you. You can escape the scorching sun with this delicious combination. Everyone else gets in on the action with every cloud you make.

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While you may have one or two go-to vape juice flavors, it’s good to switch things up now and then. When there are so many different offerings from a variety of brands, it’s fun to experiment. You’ll never know when you’ll find your next favorite e-juice! Here at The Smoking Buddha, we make a point to carry the best quality juices on the market at fair prices so you can always try something new.

Due to the wide variety of options, we know it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. That’s why we did all the work for you! Here are ten of our most favorite juices that we sell.

1. Naked 100 Brain Freeze

No matter how long you’ve been vaping, you know that Naked 100 is a tried-and-true brand. Brain Freeze is one of their most renowned flavors. We love it for its mixture of tart kiwi, sweet strawberry, and lush pomegranate notes. It reminds us of snow-cones!

2. Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

If you’re into fruity e-juices, this is a gold mine. This legendary juice packs a serious punch of bubblegum tastiness. When you inhale, you experience the sugary strawberry notes. Then, it slowly fades into a watermelon flavor.

3. Ritual Marea

Ritual is a staple here at The Smoking Buddha. We’ve carried it ever since we opened up shop and it’s still one of our all-time favorite brands. Their Marea flavor is one of the most amazing e-juices you can get. It’s a timeless concoction of blueberry and raspberry that you’ll be grabbing time and time again.

4. Glas Basix Fizzy Lemonade

The Basix Series by Glas Vapors offers succulent e-juices that provide a bold and flavorful vaping experience. Their Fizzy Lemonade e-juice serves up a punch of fizzy-goodness accompanied by layers of pineapple nectar and freshly squeezed lemons. Fizzy Lemonade is perfect for vapers who appreciate refreshingly sweet sparkling lemonade.

5. Mr Salt-E Blood Orange Lemonade

One of our favorite salt juices is the Blood Orange Lemonade from Salt-E. Along with blood orange, this juice is blended with pineapple, tangerine, and lemonade flavors. Whether you primarily use nicotine salts or you’ve never tried them, this is an excellent juice to try.

6. Naked 100 Hawaiian POG

There’s a reason there are various juices from Naked 100 on our list–they’re simply amazing. When you take a hit of the Hawaiian POG vape juice, you’ll swear you’re on the coast of Hawaii under palm trees. This topical juice tastes like exotic guava, tangy orange juice, and passion fruit.

7. Tropical 100 Mango Mania

When it comes to salt juices, Tropical 100 makes some of the best. This juice mixes two of the sweetest fruits in the world–mango and nectarine. The taste is vibrant and will transport you to a perfect summer day even if it’s snowing. It’s pure-tasting and flavorful–you can’t ask for more than that.

8. Naked 100 Berry Lush

We can’t stay away from Naked 100. They make so many good flavors that you essentially have to try them all. While there are so many incredible ones to choose from, Berry Lush stands out, and that’s why it needs to be on our list. This juice is a luscious blend of sweet strawberry, fresh pineapple, and rich cream. We love it because it’s smooth and sweet!

9. Ritual Vivo

Here’s another excellent offering from Ritual. This juice contains a mixture of lemon-lime, strawberry, and mixed fruit flavors. The flavors are ever-changing, and you’ll never get bored of it. Once you try Vivo, you’ll be hooked.

10. Old Loco Mambo Mango

Old Loco never ceases to amaze when it comes to creating deliciously flavored e-juice. Mambo Mango is no exception. Crafted with care, Mambo Mango combines the taste of ripe mango with the sweet lychee fruit to create a tropical explosion. Perfect for the fruit-flavor lover, Mambo Mango is guaranteed to become a favorite in your e-juice arsenal.

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Well, there you have it! Admittedly, it was difficult to condense our favorites down to ten. Here at The Smoking Buddha, we offer over 300 flavors. New brands and flavors are always coming into the shop so you’ll always have something new to try. Who knows–your favorite may not even be on this list! You’ll have to come down to the shop and try something for yourself. Our e juices are always affordable–they’re all under $20.

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