For centuries the preferred way to enjoy cannabis was to smoke it in clay pipes, glass pipes, bongs, hookahs, or rolled into joints. Recently a new method has emerged that is giving the traditional means of cannabis consumption a run for its money: dry herb vaping. But what exactly is dry herb vaping, and are there any quantifiable benefits for enjoying your herb this way? That’s what the staff at the Smoking Buddha headshop are here to find out.

Dry Herb Vaping Explained

“Dry herb vaping” is a 10-dollar phrase that just means heating your cannabis flower (i.e. your “dry herb”) to the point that it will release its psychoactive compounds, but not heating it so much that it catches fire and produces smoke. Instead of smoke, what is produced is a vapor that is much cooler, much easier on the throat and lungs, and, in the opinion of many, more effective at producing a world-class buzz.

All that said, the herb you load into the oven of your dry herb vaporizer is not sticky buds you pull straight from the bag. Instead, the preferred method is to let the herb dry out just a bit and then grind it before loading it into the vaporizer. This will ensure a more equal distribution of the heat and a more complete release of the all-important, buzz-generating compounds, (as in THC).

What Are the Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

When you come to the Smoking Buddha smoke shop in Parker you’re going to see lots of dry herb vaporizers of all different sizes and shapes. If you’re like most people you’ll want to know what possible benefits dry herb vaping will produce before you fork over your hard-earned money for one of these devices. And we understand that. So here are some of the most commonly cited benefits of dry herb vaporizers compared to other devices.


Sure, weed may be legal to some degree in most states but it’s still something of a hot-button issue. And anytime you produce anything that looks like smoke these days the foot soldiers of the anti-smoking cabal are never far away. Dry herb vaping enables you to be more discreet as the process releases very little smell and the vapor dissipates quickly. Just keep your portable vaporizer in your pocket and take it out when you feel comfortable doing so.


Portable dry herb vaporizers travel easily. Many are small enough to slip undetected into a jacket pocket. Just try taking a bong with you when you go to meet your friends in the park. Not gonna happen. With a dry herb vaporizer, you can load it up before you leave the house and tuck it into your coat pocket. If you’ve ever tried to roll a joint outside on a windy day in Parker you’ll appreciate the convenience of the portable vaporizer.


You can adjust the temperature of your dry herb vaporizer to produce just the right temperature for the effect you’re after. We have vaporizers in our Parker smoke shop that can be adjusted on the Fahrenheit or Celcius scales, and those that have low, medium, and high presets. More control over the baking process means a more satisfying result.

Better Flavor

The distinctive smell and taste of your herb are produced by compounds called “terpenes”. Dry herb is loaded with terpenes but burning herb in a joint or pipe neutralizes them, resulting in a loss of flavor and odor. On the other hand, a vaporizer does not get hot enough to destroy the terpenes in your herb thereby ensuring a more flavorful smoke every time.

A Healthier Experience

People are sometimes skeptical about claims that dry herb vaping is healthier than a joint or bong. But it is. Inhaling smoke or vapor of any kind is an unnatural act and not one your lungs are designed for. That said, there is a huge difference between inhaling smoke from burning cannabis and inhaling vapor from baked cannabis. Smoke, even cannabis smoke, contains chemicals and compounds you’d be better off not inhaling. With a dry herb vaporizer, you won’t inhale them. That’s better for your lungs and your overall health.

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There is only so much information we can impart by way of a blog post. If you would like to know more about dry herb vaping or need help picking out the right dry herb vaporizer for your needs, stop by the Smoking Buddha headshop in Parker and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates.

We’re happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have about dry herb vaping. While you’re here check out our vast selection of other cannabis-related paraphernalia. We’re here 7 days a week so stop by anytime.