Dry herb vaporizers have quietly become the biggest thing in cannabis paraphernalia since the bong. Every day those of us at the Smoking Buddha vape shop in Parker field more questions about dry herb vaporizers and practically every month more are sold than were sold the month before. Like any device, however, vaporizers are not without their issues and a fair number of the questions we get regarding these devices are about frequently occurring dry herb vaporizer problems and how to resolve them.

In this brief guide we will address five of those common issues and provide expert advice on how to resolve them quickly and effectively.

Identifying and Resolving Problems with Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Low-quality dry herb vaporizers often experience problems related to cheap materials and shoddy construction. Those are not the type of issues we will be dealing with here. Instead, we will focus largely on common problems that arise in quality devices. Let’s get started.

Problem #1: The vaporizer won’t turn on

In most cases vaporizers are programmed to start after the user has clicked the power button five times in rapid succession. If you are having trouble getting your vaporizer to power up you may not be performing those five clicks fast enough, or you may not be performing a full click each time. That is, you may be mis-clicking. Another common issue with convection vaporizers that won’t turn on is that the battery may not have an adequate charge.

Problem #2: The device won’t charge

Speaking of charging… Another common problem we hear about at our smoke shop is that the vaporizer doesn’t seem to accept a charge. Sometimes the solution to this problem is as simple as double-checking to make sure the device is firmly plugged in. In other cases, the person may be using the wrong power cord or they may have tried charging the device using a USB connection to their laptop. While this is sometimes touted as a viable way to recharge a vape battery, the truth is it often doesn’t work.

Problem #3: A hot mouthpiece

Dry herb vaporizers are compact devices that fit in the palm of your hand. That’s important to remember because they also heat up to more than 400° Fahrenheit. Keeping all that heat contained within the convection chamber is no easy feat and sometimes some escapes causing the mouthpiece to get hot. The more often you use your vaporizer the more likely you are to experience this issue. Try backing off a little and see if that helps. Otherwise, replace your current mouthpiece with a rubber mouthpiece.

Problem #4: Where’s the vapor cloud?

One of the major reasons people are drawn to dry herb vaporizers is the hefty clouds of vapors they are known to produce. But people sometimes call our smoke shop complaining that their vaporizer is no longer churning out those big, puffy clouds. So what gives? If your vaporizer is not producing clouds like it once did there are several potential reasons:

The device may be over-packed

If too much herb has been stuffed into the oven the device will not work effectively. The convection process requires a minimal amount of free space for heat to circulate effectively. Stuffing the convection chamber to the gills undermines the ability of the device to do its job.

The herb may be only partially ground

Not thoroughly grinding the herb is another common reason vapor clouds don’t live up to their potential. Grinding the herb between your palms may seem like a perfectly reasonable way to prepare your herb for vaping but it’s not going to get the job done. Pick up a quality grinder from our vape shop and grind your herb properly.

You may have the temp set too low

The ideal temperature for dry herb vaping is between 320° and 410° Fahrenheit. If the temp on your vaporizer is set below that you are not going to get big fluffy clouds. You’ll be lucky if the vaporizer produces any clouds at all.

You may be inhaling too hard

Taking a big aggressive hit off your vaporizer is likely to pull cold air into the combustion chamber and undermine its ability to produce big, fluffy clouds. A better idea is to take moderate but steady drags on the mouthpiece.

Problem #5: It’s hard to get an adequate hit

If you are having a difficult time getting a hit off your dry herb vaporizer there are a couple of potential reasons. First off, you may have overstuffed the oven. This is probably the most common reason people aren’t able to get the draw they’re after. Just remove some of the herbs from the oven and try again. Another reason it may be difficult to get a good hit is that the screen on your device is clogged with byproducts of earlier bakes. The easiest way to avoid that problem is to clean your vaporizer regularly.

In Conclusion

Dry herb vaporizers are becoming more popular by the day, but it often takes a little time to get used to them. Review our previous online guide to explore the biggest benefits of dry herb vaporizers. While you’re still in the learning process you will likely experience one or more of the issues we outlined above. But there’s no reason to stress out about it.

Once you understand the best way to charge the device, the optimal amount of herb to pack into the oven, the most efficacious grinding technique, and the right temperature setting to produce your desired result you will enjoy trouble-free operation and be able to fully appreciate why these devices are such a popular item at our Parker vape shop.

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