The vaporizer has revolutionized the way people enjoy their herb, enabling a healthier, more discreet, more satisfying experience than you could ever get from joints or pipes. But if you are going to have a first-class vaping experience every time out you will need to get in the habit of keeping your vaporizer squeaky clean. In this post, the team at The Smoking Buddha vape shop in Parker go over some essential cleaning tips for your vaporizer.

Reasons Why Vape Cleaning Matters

Before we get into the details of how to properly clean your dry herb vape let’s go over several reasons why it’s so important to have a clean machine in your pocket.

Reason 1: Longevity

A dry herb vaporizer is like any other mechanical device: if you take care of it you will get years of enjoyment out of it. If you don’t it will probably start breaking down after a few months. By getting in the habit of performing preventive maintenance you are protecting your investment. After all, the best vapes on the market are not cheap. So unless you have money to burn make sure you clean your vape on a regular basis.

Reason 2: Cost savings

Even if you engage in regular cleaning of your dry herb vape you are still going to have to replace things like the coil and the tank eventually. The coil in particular needs to be replaced way more often than most people realize, typically once a week if the device is not kept clean. If you do keep your vaporizer clean and in good condition, you might get a month out of the coil.

If you keep the tank clean it may never need to be replaced. On the other hand, if you don’t clean it you might wind up replacing it every couple of months. All those replacement parts add up to a significant expense over time.

Reason 3: A clean vape is a more effective vape

Keeping your dry herb vape clean will ensure it provides the type of experience it was designed to deliver. If the vape becomes mucked up you’re going to get what you get, not necessarily what the designer and manufacturer wanted you to get. A clean vape will process the dry herb more effectively and deliver on the promises made in the marketing.

Reason 4: To ensure the device operates safely

This doesn’t have much to do with cleaning, but it is a matter of maintenance. Portable dry herb vapes are battery-powered devices. It’s important that the battery is not damaged before or during use. A damaged battery will negatively impact the performance of the device and, more importantly, become a potential fire hazard. Clean the contacts regularly, don’t overcharge the battery and keep batteries out of direct sunlight.

Reason 5: To preserve the flavor of your herb

If you don’t clean your dry herb vape on a regular basis it’s going to sully both the aroma and the flavor of your herb. In that sense, it’s like a pipe or a bong. Let it get all gunked up and you’re going to get harsh, foul-tasting hits. Keep it clean and you’ll be able to enjoy your expensive herb in all its aromatic and flavorful glory.

Reason 6: To prevent damage to your vape

Part of the proper maintenance of any device is how you handle it. If you don’t change the oil on your car and drive it recklessly it’s not going to last. Likewise, if you handle your vape in a careless fashion by, say, shoving it willy-nilly into your pocket, sitting on it and tossing it around you’ll eventually damage some of the components and be back in Parker at the vape shop in short order looking for a replacement.

Vaporizer Cleaning Options

Now let’s look at the two most common ways to clean your dry herb vape.

The Quick Vaporizer Clean

Most vapes we sell at the vape shop come with their own cleaning tools. Usually, (not always) these consist of a cleaning brush and packing tool. After you finish a vaping session it’s advised that you use the brush to do a quick clean of the device to remove any residue. If cleaning after every use is too impractical just make sure you don’t go more than a few days without doing a quick clean.

The Deep Vaporizer Clean

If you are performing quick cleans of your vaporizer every day or every couple of days you should not have to perform a deep clean more than once every few weeks. If you’re not doing those quick cleans then you don’t want to go more than a week or 10 days between deep cleans. Follow the following steps to deep clean your vape.

Step 1: Take it apart

In order to get into all the nooks and crannies of your device take it apart completely. The owner’s manual should provide detailed instructions on how to do that.

Step 2: Empty it out

Remove the chamber and clean out any residue around the heating unit. Do so carefully using the brush provided. Also remove any residue from the screen using the brush. Don’t tap your vape trying to remove residue unless you want to damage the unit.

Step 3: Clean it using alcohol

A brush probably won’t get everything so you can clean the component parts using a mixture of alcohol and water. Just don’t get this mixture anywhere near the battery.