Updated on September 26th 2023

Vaping is still in its infancy, believe it or not. So there’s not much education out there about how to stay safe while doing it.

A lot of people are prone to tinker with their vape, abuse it, or follow urban legends. Fight the temptation!

Safety should be your utmost priority when vaping.

Luckily, our vape shop knows a thing or two about vaping responsibly, and we’re here to guide you through it!

Don’t Experiment on Your Vape Kit

With so many people telling you so many different things about modifying your kit and all of the amazing benefits you can unleash, it may be tempting. People like to mess with the batteries and inner workings. Your vape is set up the way it is for a reason! Don’t do it!

So don’t Google “vape shop near me” to get parts to tinker with. It’s a bad idea.

Along with not modifying your kit, be extremely careful when making your e-liquid. The quality stuff is tested to see how it reacts to heat. Your homemade ejuice isn’t tested, so it’s always a risk.

There are urban legends about things like vaping hot sauce. There are plenty of interesting eJuice flavors to try. Don’t resort to something so dangerous- and stupid.

Don’t Let Your Vape Mod Overheat

An overheated vape mod is a disaster waiting to strike. The batteries are located inside the mod, so if it overheats, you risk your batteries overheating too. And that’s bad news!

If your vape mod overheats continuously and you don’t give it time to cool down your vape batteries can explode or leak toxic chemicals. Yikes!

When it starts to get too hot, get out of the sun and put it somewhere dark and cool. Once it’s not hot to the touch, you can keep vaping.

Be sure to find a cool place to keep your mod when it’s not in use. In other words, don’t keep it on your windowsill. A cool, dark drawer is much better.

Buy Quality eJuice

Although the market is now regulated, you still never know what you’re going to get unless you’re buying from a reputable brand. Using bad juice can damage your mod, and worse, yourself.

Low-quality e-juices have harsh chemicals and aren’t made for high temperatures. When you heat them, toxins will be released.

Do your research on a brand before trusting them. Check reviews, ask around, and see how long they’ve existed. Start-ups might not be the best idea!

Don’t Touch the eJuice

eJuice is designed to go into your cartridge, not onto your skin. Especially because of its nicotine content, it’s important to keep it away from your bare skin.

If you spill the juice on yourself, the nicotine may be absorbed topically and you might end up experiencing nicotine poisoning. This can cause dizziness, anxiety, vomiting, and more.

Be very careful when you’re refilling your tanks. Use gloves and have paper towels on hand in case you spill!

Check Your eJuice’s Expiration Date

Did you know that eJuice expires after approximately two years of shelf life? It’s vital to be aware of the date your eJuice expires and to avoid using any expired products. This can be all the difference between a good vaping experience and a bad one.

Although you may be excited to try a new flavor, just take this quick extra step to protect yourself.

While you’re checking the expiration date, you can also look at the color to search for signs of discoloration. Also, shake it to see if the ingredients mix. If they don’t, the juice probably isn’t any good anymore.

Keep Vapes and eJuice Away From Kids and Pets

Although vaping is great when you’re an adult, it’s not designed for children or pets. They’ll be clueless as to what’s in a bottle of e-liquid!

If you consume nicotine in a large quantity, it can be very dangerous. You wouldn’t want your little one to drink out of your bottle and give themselves nicotine poisoning!

In addition, be aware of secondhand vapor. Although regulated, we still don’t know everything there is to know about this stuff. Usually, children and pets are more prone to being hurt by things than adults are.

Moral of the story: keep it away!

Stay Hydrated While Vaping

While e-liquid is a liquid, it isn’t water. It’s made of PG, VG, and flavor. PG and VG are what cause dehydration. They do so by binding to water molecules. This soaks up your saliva and can give you a dry mouth.

Along with dry mouth, you might end up with mild dehydration. While vape dehydration is very unlikely to cause you serious damage, it still won’t be fun and you might end up with dizziness or headaches.

Drink more water throughout the day, as you’ll likely be vaping periodically all day. Also, be careful of how much caffeine you drink. Don’t vape when you’re working out or when you’re sick, either.

Final Thoughts From Our Parker Vape Shop

Hopefully now you have a better grasp on how to vape more responsibly.

Vaping is meant to be fun and relaxing. It keeps a lot of people grounded throughout the day. But it can’t be any of those things if you’re not being safe. And some of these tips aren’t just to protect you- they protect your loved ones as well. The last thing you want is to hurt someone around you!

Don’t let recklessness get the best of you. Follow our head shop’s tips to a T and you should be good to go!